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  • 1. [Safety protection] PP material without bisphenol A, excellent quality. Suitable: 0 years old and above Temperature: -20℃ to 110℃.

  • 2. [Portability] Carry it with you, reducing the chance of accidental rupture of the container. It is easy to clean, washable, and completely dry before use.

  • 3. [Intimate design] The spoon spacer layer can store the spoon and the recipe in different places to ensure hygiene. The leveler can help you collect every tablespoon of milk powder to avoid waste; the transparent scale design makes it easy to grasp the milk powder capacity when you go out.

  • 4. [Tightness] The buckle design and the inner cover with silicone sealing ring ensure tightness, which can protect the recipe or food and enhance the freshness.

  • 5. [Multi-purpose] Not just a milk powder dispenser. When the baby grows up, it can also be used as a container for snacks and baby food, for coffee, tea, nuts, sugar, snacks, etc.

  • XOYZUU Milk Powder Dispenser Milk Powder Box Portable Formula Powder Dispenser with Leveller 300ML Milk Powder Dispensers,Food Storage Container with Spoon