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  • Clean and Disinfect all your Everyday Accessories which are carriers of viruses and the viruses are sensitive to ultraviolet light.

  • Ultraviolet C wave around 253.7NM can quickly penetrate the microbial cell membrane, thus killing bacteria and viruses.

  • The air near the ultraviolet UV lamp is oxidized to produce low concentration ozone O, which is used to disinfect and sterilize with ultraviolet rays.

  • Negative ions have good biological activity, sterilization and dust removal, and capping small odorous solid particles.

  • No radiation, silent disinfection, pregnant women can use at ease.

  • UV Sterilizer Sterilisers Panties Sterilizer Underwear Disinfection Machine Household Small Towel Clothing Mobile Phone Uv Sterilization Cabinet Steriliser Box