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  • High quality: Our baby bibs are made of soft high-quality materials and are scratch-resistant. Specially designed for children, the design is simple and generous, and can be widely used indoors and outdoors.

  • Lightweight: The baby bib is made of high-quality, comfortable materials, lightweight and easy to store. It is easy to carry, and it can effectively avoid soiling the baby's clothes when eating.

  • Exquisite: The baby bib is made of unique craftsmanship, has a unique design and exquisite appearance, can well attract the attention of babies, increase the interest in eating, and the operation is very convenient.

  • Maintenance: This baby bib can be machine washed. It is easy to maintain and can be machine washed, but please do not bleach it to avoid damage to the bib.

  • Highly compatible: Baby bibs are highly compatible and can be used while eating. Easy to fold, brilliant colors enhance their ability to absorb nutrients when eating food. It can be used at home, outdoor restaurant or other occasions.

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