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  • Reasonable waist stool surface size +——+ Round stool surface is smooth and comfortable, large area support makes the baby's lumbar vertebrae more labor-saving, while avoiding the early "O" type legs!

  • 30° gold slanting labor saving +——+ Baby and mother are comfortable angles, waist bench with slope, let the baby focus on the mother's body, hip weight does not move backward, disperse weight

  • EPP bench core +——+ Scientific support soft and comfortable slow rebound, new honeycomb particle molding, light and tough, shock-resistant and decompression, will slowly rebound after deformation, is a good material for support

  • Front window detachable +——+ detachable front gear can be flexibly used according to the season, warm in winter, light and breathable in summer, .Breathable is not stuffy

  • Golden Triangle labor-saving +——+ scientific distribution force to protect the waist, certification patent, scientific distribution force, transfer gravity to the shoulder through the shoulder strap, reduce abdominal force, not falling.

  • Ergonomic Hipseat Baby Carrier Baby Waist Stool Seat with Detachable Front Window Suitable and Storage Bag for All Seasons Born Baby Color : Blue